Ask The Doctor By Gorav Gupta

We get lot of emails from concerned family members or patients regarding mental illness and addiction problems and their treatments
Few question which are commonly asked are,

Is mental illness treatable?

Yes it is treatable. With proper psychiatric treatment and psychological intervention all mental illnesses are treatable.

Will the patient need to take medicine life long?

Generally it depends upon the kind of mental illness. In few cases medicine can be stopped after sometime but there are illnesses that might require medication for long term or life

What is the role of counseling?

Counseling has an important role along with medicines. It helps the patient to overcome his symptoms and to regain control of his life.

When to hospitalize my patient?

It is not essential to admit you patient if he or she are compliant in taking medicine and seeing a psychiatrist. But in few cases where patient is a not co- operative and is unmanageable at home then he may require hospitalization or it may be required for brief interval to overcome an acute illness.

If my patient takes treatment will he be alright for his life?

A few mental illnesses are curable but most only can be cured to a certain extent. At times patient can also have a relapse after years in spite of being on treatment. Idea of psychiatric treatment is to make patients life functional so they can enjoy a normal life.

What is the role of family members?

Family plays an important role like in any other illness. Family can motivate the patient to regularly see the mental health professional and encourage the patient to perform in daily chores and life activities. Family should also take care of their mental health and join support groups if are overburdened by taking care of an ill member.

Is mental illness infectious or is there a chance of my children getting it?

No, mental illness is not infectious there is a definite indication of acquiring mental illness if there is a family history ,so genetics do play an important role.

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